MGB Team


MGB Team

Why Work at MGB?

You are working with a family oriented company where we value your work and where great opportunities are created.

We work hard, have fun, and create a difference!


MGB has  proven that ambition and success does not have to distract from doing business with honesty, honor and dignity, or from earning and keeping the respect of employees, communities and competitors. By maintaining our integrity we aim to generate great value for our partners, employees and products.

Meet our team:

Constanza Niño – President

Jairo Avellaneda – Managing Partner

Maria Claudia Lopez – Marketing Manager

Jorge Enrique Mora- Digital Marketing/ Social Media Manager

Rafael Vargas – Business Development Manager

Tyrone Peña – National Accounts Manager

Luis Fernando Murillo – Canada Manager

Lester Espinosa – Accountant

Bryan Puentes – Logistics Manager

Julia Venuti – Marketing Associate

Daniel Garcia – Warehouse Assistant


Our mission is to grow in double digits yearly, while ensuring that our portfolio of local and international brands leads in each of our beverage categories and market segments.


Our vision is to be one of the most recognized spirit, beverage and food distributors nationwide, as well as a strong contributor to Winintersa’s global reputation. Other efforts regard:

– The effectiveness of our marketing

– The quality of our products

– Employer of choice

– Partner of choice

– Our responsibility towards society


Established in 1988 from a conglomerate of parent companies, Marketing Global Brands Corporation aims to increase its market share in the beverage industry in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic categories throughout the continental U.S. MGB strives to achieve this global expansion through the procurement of quality products, efficient global supply chain management, and a focus on our customers’ respective needs. Our business philosophy is founded upon responsibility, transparency and honesty. MGB Corp believes in doing business adequately in order to establish and develop important brands in a global market of opportunities where quality, value and service play a significant role. We strive daily to obtain excellence in offering goods and services in order to build real value to the brands.