motre logoTHE COMPANY
Osborne Group is a family business with over 200 years of history, 100% Spanish and Osborne family property.

Its international focus, long-term vision, diversification, synergies between businesses, consumer proximity, obsession with quality, innovation and respect for traditional methods of production as well as investment in world brands to consolidate its leadership and premium positioning are the backbones of Osborne’s strategy.

Osborne combines active management of its brand and its corporate activities with the development of all its business lines.

•1772: The origin of our sherry solera. Osborne thus becomes one of the oldest family businesses in the world.
•1956: Creation of the Osborne bull.
•1973: Acquisition of Bodegas Montecillo, a centenary winery of the D.O. Rioja
•1975: Acquisition of Anis del Mono, the most internationally recognized brand in the category of Spanish origin anise.
•1983: Acquisition of Sanchez Romero Carvajal – Jabugo, company known for the unique quality of its products and the ultra premium positioning of the brand Cinco Jotas.
•2000: Launch of Bodegas Osborne Malpica de Tajo, one of the most important viticulture initiatives in Europe.
•2009: Start of commercial operation of the Osborne Bull brand, developing official licensed products.


For more than 200 years, Osborne Group has been dedicated to selecting, developping and offering food and beverages of greater authenticity and prestige to consumers around the world. Our main keys to success are:
•Authenticity – family background, good work, honesty and fidelity to traditional production.
•Senses – gourmet products, attention to detail and the pleasure of tasting our products.
•Prestige – quality, accuracy, robustness, reliability, pursuit of excellence and commitment.
•Spanish Tradition – tradition of our land, pride of the “Spanish way of life” and of course, the Osborne bull.
•Emotion – vitality, passion, joy, and social consumption of our brands.


Osborne maintains strong corporate social responsibility activity on several fronts, specifically:
•Preservation of the ecosystem, contributing to the maintenance of more than 150,000 hectares of oak forests dedicated to the traditional breeding of pure Iberian pigs; fed exclusively on acorns.
•Promotion of the Mediterranean diet through our wines and products made from pure acorn fed Iberian pigs.
•Regular collaboration with nonprofit associations such as Nuevo Futuro, Proyecto Hombre and AECC.
•Promoting responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.
•Patronage of Fundación Príncipe de Girona..
•Member of Fundación SERES, dedicated to the promotion of corporate social actions.