El Capo Tequila


There are many stories, legends, myths and lore about the origins of tequila. Its roots reach as far back as pre-Hispanic times when the natives fermented the rich sap obtained from the indigenous maguey plants. The evolution of this traditional beverage to what it is today parallels the often turbulent and chaotic development of Mexico itself, and it is equally obscure to outsiders. The word “tequila” itself is a mystery. It is said to be an ancient Nahuatl term meaning “a place of harvest”. The agave plant is the source of the nutritious, vitamin-rich brew known as “pulque”.

Tequila El Capo is associated with one of the most fruitful and traditional distilleries in Mexico, Tequilera Newton. From the beginning in 1941, El Capo Tequila was one of the most important creations distilled from carefully selected Blue Agave using manual distillation and maturation processes.