Christopher Columbus, on his second voyage in 1493, introduced sugar cane to the new world. Our ancestors diligently cultivated it and squeezed out of the land all of its flavors. With the first crops we began to make brandy, an art that was soon perfected by hidden clans who passed on the secret recipe to the generations that succeeded them. A century later, the cherished liquor became the Colombian drink of choice, and generation after generation has improved the recipe for this treasured legacy. Today, the tradition continues and Antioquia Liquor Factory produces the best spirits Colombia has to offer. It embodies the spirit of Colombian partying and has achieved significant recognition internationally for its unique taste and quality.


Medalla de Oro Monde Selection Bélgica
Dos Estrellas International Taste & Quality Institute

Aromatic Notes

Sweet, spicy and soft wooden anisette notes arrive, giving it a very pleasant impression.



Glass bottles of 750 ml and 375 ml.


Aguardiente Real 1493 is served very cold and neat as a long shot.



It is the first premium Aguardiente in the world, sugar free, placed in solera and contains a 29° alcoholic content. Its contents range from the best sugar cane taken from the most exclusive Colombian plantations to the finest anisettes ever known to Colombian soil.