The grapes are carefully harvested in plastic bins (containers of grapes) so as to avoid the breakage of grains.
With pumps, ground grapes (must) are deposited in stainless steel tanks in order to begin the fermentation process.
During the fermentation process, the temperature is controlled between 24° and 28° C, performing work-overs which allow us to contact the must with the skins in order to extract natural coloring substances, extractives, flavors, etc.
After the fermentation by means of racking, the clean wine marc is removed and the latter is pressed to extract liquid (wine) that embeds.
The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation, which allows the transformation of malic acid present in lactic acid, giving the wine softness and extolling its aromas and bouquet.
The wine is deposited for 3 months in French or American oak stainless steel vessel staves with temperature control between 10° and 15° C until bottling. These stainless steel vessels allow micro-oxygenation that mimics the process of oak barrels.

Aromatic Notes

Nose: Complex. Reminiscent of pepper, vanilla, chocolate, and leather.
Palate: Full-bodied, with a tannic and harmonious broad finish.