Brandy Solera from the D.E. Brandy of Jerez. Magno is made in the Osborne wineries in El Puerto de Santa Maria with a special assemblage of distinct wine spirits and aged in American oak casks following the traditional process criaderas y soleras to achieve a mahogany color with an intense aroma and a persistent taste.


“Since 1920, Magno has proven an extraordinary commitment with the highest
standards of quality. Opulent, rich in aromas and flavours, it is as its name
indicates - a magnificent Brandy.”
• ORIGIN: D.O. Brandy de Jerez. Located in Andalucía, south of Spain.
The most reputed area for producing Brandy in Spain.
• BLEND: 100% Airen. A selection of the best Airen grapes, perfect for
creating the rich but delicate flavors of our Brandies.

Aromatic Notes

• LOOK: Bright mahogany color with reddish tones.
• AROMAS & FLAVOURS: Harmonious and round, Magno has nuances
of ripe plums melted with hazelnut aromas and delicate hints of spices,
amplified through maturation in our humid Bodegas located next to the




Sensational with goat cheeses or, in a more traditional way, after a meal
neat or over ice. Great on your own or at a reunion with friends mixed with soft
drinks. Its depth and harmony come into their own when accompanied with
crème brûlée, nougats, and chocolate patisserie.


Elaboration starts with a careful selection of wines that we distill in our own distillery, founded in 1880, where we integrate the best from the past with modern techniques.
Through special continuous stills we obtain different styles of rich eauxde-vie aged in American oak casks, previously seasoned with our premium Sherry wines. After 1 year of aging through the unique and traditional Solera system, the eaux-de-vie shows a beautiful concentration of fruits enriched with hues fitting its elaboration and aging, granting an equally harmonious and complex outcome.