. 30% aloe vera gel crush

· Purified water, fructose, aloe vera gel crush, citric acid, vitamin C, calcium lactate, sodium citrate

· No preservatives

· Natural color

· 2 year shelf life

· Lychee flavor


"Drink Well. Live Healthy."

T'best 100% Real Aloe Vera drink. A multicultural beverage!

Why T'best? T'best 100% premium aloe vera beverage comes in 10 refreshing flavors that are available in two sizes: 1.5LT and 500ML!

What is T'best Aloe Vera? T'best is a aloe vera beverage made from 100% aloe vera crush pulp, purified water, natural flavors, calcium and Vitamin C. Recommended for the body's maintenance of the metabolic system.

T'best Aloe Vera is the new up and coming beverage product. T’best has proven sales results in the beverage category that return great margins to both the distributors and retailers. Consumers are purchasing T’best in multiple units.


Aloe vera has a long history of cultivation throughout the drier tropical and subtropical regions of the world, both as an ornamental ­­plant and for herbal medicine. The plant has stiff grey-green lance-shaped leaves containing clear gel in a central mucilaginous pulp. It is highly beneficial for skin recovery, weight loss, and fatigue relief. It also stimulates the circulation of blood around wounded areas, which helps speed up the healing process. Aloe vera helps with constipation, diarrhea, and other intestinal problems.
T'best Aloe Vera drink contains plenty of vitamin C, minerals, citric acid, calcium, fiber, etc.


500ml / 1.5L