“Artista embodies all the art that surrounds the wine world; a wine crafted using the creativity of our winemakers and more than 2 centuries of a family's wine passion. A fruitforward wine with spicy notes, ideal for any occasion."
• ORIGIN: Malpica de Tajo in Tierra de Castilla, offers a unique
microclimate; the Tajo River and two chains of mountains surround our
Estate, together with plenty of sunlight and clay soils to make the perfect
conditions for growing high quality grapes.
• BLEND: 50% Shiraz adds color, fruit and balsamic flavors and 50%
Spanish indigenous Tempranillo which brings acidity and fruit flavors.

Aromatic Notes

• LOOK: Clean and brilliant, deep plum red color with purple hues.
• AROMAS & FLAVOURS: Tremendous fruit aromas interwoven with
liquorice and balsamic notes. Richly textured Shiraz, blackberry
flavors balanced with an excellent tannic full-bodied structure. Layered,
long and luscious finish.


750ml Bottle


Artista is ideal with all kind of meats - specifically grilled and barbequed. Stews
and cured cheeses are also ideal. Best enjoyed at 16ºC/61ºF.


Vinified at controlled temperatures of no more than 23ºC/ 73ºF, with
intense maceration during the first stage of fermentation in order to extract rich colors, aromas and flavors, and soft tannins. After approximately 12 days, alcoholic fermentation is finished, promptly followed by malolactic fermentation which is when the wine softens.