“Carlos I is an authentic Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva handcrafted for those who enjoy something different, exclusive and delightful. It is a sublime, complex and smooth treat from a world-class Brandy.”
• ORIGIN: D.O. Brandy de Jerez. Located in Andalucía, south of Spain.
The most reputed area for producing Brandy in Spain.
• BLEND: 100% Airen. A selection of the best Airen grapes, perfect for
creating the rich but delicate flavours of our Brandies.

Aromatic Notes

• LOOK: Intense and beautiful dark amber color, displaying golden shades on
the rim.
• AROMAS & FLAVOURS: Intensely aromatic yet elegant, with delightful
flavors of crème brûlée mingled with roasted coffee. Complex in character
and aristocratic structure.


Whether you are relaxing or spending time with friends, neat or
on the rocks Carlos I is luscious and layered, bringing you closer to the
exquisite luxury of connoisseurs.
The classic and timeless style of Carlos I makes it a perfect partner for game
recipes, cured cheeses and desserts such as Tiramisu, crème brûlée and
chocolate fondants.


Elaboration starts with a careful selection of wines that we distill in our own
distillery, founded in 1880, where we integrate the best from the past with modern techniques.
Only the most refined and elegant spirits are used to craft Carlos I.
Obtained through the traditional and artesian Arab method of copper pot still,
Alquitaras, to achieve an eaux-de-vie of unique finesse. This hand–crafted
process is utilized only by the most exclusive cognacs.
Carlos I Solera was founded in 1889 with a special blend of the finest and
most elegant eaux-de-vie. Aged in American oak casks previously seasoned
with our premium Amontillado and Oloroso Sherry wines through the
unique Solera system. Notes of vanilla and caramel that gradually, over
years, soften to give us a delicate crème brûlée nuance and a mellow, sublime Brandy.